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About Us

Vdex is dedicated to the memory of Alfred Mann, who was responsible for the betterment of so many lives – both diabetic and otherwise.

About Vdex


“Take care of the patient and the business will take care of itself.” That was Alfred Mann’s philosophy. And it was his perspective that inspired the creation of Vdex.

Al Mann started with the simple premise that the best way to manage blood sugar was the way the body did naturally…with insulin.  But existing, synthetic insulins were dangerous, and it was not possible to make insulin that was chemically identical to that produced by the pancreas.  For that reason, the pharmaceutical industry developed a host of medications to circumvent the use of insulin.  Al Mann set his sights on the development of a natural, and safe, insulin.  With a couple of decades of effort and more than a billion dollars, he gave us Afrezza, a bio-identical insulin, chemically identical to what the pancreas makes.

FDA-approved Afrezza is a quantum leap forward in the management of blood sugar. The only inhaled insulin, it works the same way a healthy pancreas does. For many patients, Afrezza is the answer. But it’s not for everyone.

At Vdex, we set out to find a better way to take care of diabetes patients. Our treatment plans begin with lifestyle changes. Combined with Afrezza and other state-of-the-art treatments, our patients are able to safely maintain average HbA1c levels significantly lower than what historically has been possible.  Lower HbA1c means fewer problems. It’s that simple.

Diabetes is the most prevalent disease on the planet, and Vdex is here to make the world a healthier place.

The Diabetes Dilemma

Diabetes today affects 30 million people in the U.S. and about 400 million people worldwide.

Beyond that, it’s estimated that there are about 60-80 million pre-diabetics in the U.S. and 700-800 million worldwide. Virtually all those pre-diabetics will end up diabetic. Pre-diabetes is really just early stage diabetes. In other words, this is a disease that affects more than a billion people worldwide.

HbA1c and Hypoglycemia

Controlling HbA1c
The lower the HbA1c, the better. Normal, non-diabetic patients have levels below 5.7. A person is considered diabetic at a level of 6.5 and above. At this level, damage is occurring to the body. Presently, only the best managed people with diabetes have levels of 6.5. Most are well above 7. Also, HbA1c levels get worse with time, and the damage to the body gets worse the higher the HbA1c goes. A person who’s 6.5 today will eventually be much worse. Prolonged, elevated blood glucose levels lead to microvascular damage which manifests itself as heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney disease, amputations and many other problems.

What’s particularly troubling is that the American Diabetes Association generally guides physicians to manage their patients to an HbA1c target of 7 and below. That’s not good enough. At an HbA1c of 7, the patient is almost guaranteed to have long term microvascular damage. The reason that physicians want to keep patients’ glucose levels higher than optimal is because of the danger of hypoglycemia.

This is the condition of low blood sugar. It can lead patients to become disoriented, unconscious, and can even lead to death. Hypoglycemia is such a frightening condition that to avoid the possibility of it, experts recommend average glucose levels that they know will cause long-term damage. In effect, they opt for long-term damage over short-term damage. It’s a lousy tradeoff, and one that most patients don’t need to make anymore.

We believe you can beat diabetes.

Afrezza is the answer.

Our Program

Our mission at Vdex is a simple one: Give people with diabetes the freedom to live a normal, fuller life. One where they’re in control.

Historically, as patients lowered HbA1c, they increased the hypoglycemic risk. Good control was difficult and painful. It involved injections, finger sticks and constant monitoring.

At Vdex, we believe that through treatments with Afrezza, our patients can safely maintain average HbA1c levels significantly below 6.5 and even 6.0. A significant number of patients using Vdex protocols actually have HbA1c levels below 6.0, all with no increase in hypoglycemia.

Through our “Real Time Diabetes Management” model, people with diabetes have far better control of blood glucose levels and reduced hypoglycemia as compared to the best therapies available today.

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