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Diabetes News

Afrezza treatments by Vdex

VDEX Announces VIA Program to Aid Physicians in Adding Afrezza to Their Practices

VDEX Diabetes, an operator of specialized diabetes treatment centers, announced today its VIA Program (Vdex Initiation of Afrezza). This program is designed to help physicians begin use of Afrezza, in conjunction with the Vdex protocols, to integrate the product into their practices. Vdex has extensive experience with the use of Afrezza in the clinical setting. It also is quite cognizant of the slow uptake of Afrezza despite the product’s impressive attributes....

Insulin inhaler provides alternative to traditional injection therapy

Over 30 million Americans have diabetes. Some manage the chronic disease with insulin. The FDA recently approved an alternative therapy to traditional insulin injection. And while it may not be the answer for all diabetics, some have discovered that inhaled insulin is a better fit for them.Afrezza, the only insulin inhaler currently on the market, has become the therapy of choice for Richard Valerius. He's lived with diabetes since he was 8 years old. ...

How Afrezza Inhaled Insulin Makes My Life Better

How Afrezza Inhaled Insulin Makes My Life Better

By Larissa Zimberoff The first time I took Afrezza––an inhalable fast-acting insulin––in public, it was at Wildair, a small, hip restaurant in Manhattan. I inhaled deeply into my lungs and waited. A guy seated nearby widened his eyes and said loudly, “Are you vaping?” The question pinged through the small restaurant, but I held my breath for ten seconds per the instructions. “Is she vaping?” he exclaimed again when I didn’t answer. The friend I was...