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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany
(+44) 871.075.0336

Peter Waldstein, MD

Dr. Peter S. Waldentstein - Medical Advisory Board - Vdex Treatment Centers

Dr. Peter S. Waldentstein, Pediatrician

As a third generation physician and a most distinguished pediatrician for the past 35 years, Dr. Waldstein has touched the lives of countless children and families. He is highly renowned for his professional expertise and for his long commitment to improving the quality of life for young people. Dr. Waldstein has been on staff at Cedars- Sinai Medical Center for 40 years. He is an Associate Professor at the UCLA School of Medicine.  He loves to play golf and supports charities like Pediatric AIDS-Elizabeth Glaser, Safe Kids, American Red Cross, and Tower Cancer Research Center.

Diabetes presents unique challenges to children and Dr. Waldstein understands these profoundly.  While most children with diabetes are Type 1, Dr. Waldstein sees the looming epidemic of Type 2 in the increasing rate of obesity among the youth of his practice.  This insight is invaluable to Vdex. As the company develops, it intends to focus on earlier intervention in diabetes.