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Afrezza is a bio-identical insulin that behaves like the insulin expressed from the pancreas. There are no significant side effects.

Southern California Locations

There are licensed Vdex treatment centers in several convenient Southern California locations.

Diabetes Treatment Centers

If you have a practice or clinic, you can become a licensed Vdex Treatment Center.
Real Time Diabetes Management

Diabetes Treatment Centers

Diabetes is a chronic condition with devastating long-term consequences. It requires hour-by-hour attention to avoid equally devastating short-term consequences. Patients need regular care and monitoring.

Vdex Diabetes Treatment Centers provide the most advanced care available to diabetes patients. Through the use of Afrezza and our “Real Time Diabetes Management” model, patients are able to take control of their blood glucose levels and in some cases, beat this deadly disease.

We’ve opened treatment centers in convenient locations throughout Southern California. Our plans are to open Diabetes Treatment Centers throughout the nation.

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Vdex Licensing Program

Are you interested in helping people beat diabetes? We can help you open your own Vdex location. We provide you with a formula for establishing your business/practice along with medical expertise and research findings for your consideration and use. We also provide ongoing consultation and marketing support. You provide the entrepreneurial drive.

You don’t have to be a physician to set up your own Vdex practice. We invite to learn more.

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The Metformin Problem

Afrezza is the solution.

Declare war on diabetes and take control of your health.

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Providing the most advanced care available to patients through the proper use of Afrezza, to take control of their blood glucose levels. Make an appointment today.
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